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Belweather provides a full range of services to client companies depending on their stage of development. Drawing upon the experience of its Managing Partners or its network of professional service providers, Belweather's goal is to help innovation in the most appropriate and effective manner.

The services are divided into four stages:

Stage 1 Early Stage Corporate Development

  • Writing or assisting management in writing business plan
  • Identification of all external factors required (e.g. partners, distribution channels, etc.)
  • Recommendations on holes in management and locating appropriate talent
  • Preparing management for early stage funding, including presentation training

Stage 2 Early-Stage to Mezzanine/Bridge Financing

  • Potential Belweather investment
  • Introductions to network of private investors
  • Identification and contracting with the most appropriate investment banker
  • Ongoing financial structuring

Stage 3 Human Resource Services

  • Ongoing monitoring of senior and middle-management requirements
  • Recommending, hiring and working with an executive search firm (if necessary) to fill positions
  • Recommendations and introductions for appropriate board composition

Stage 4 Maximizing Value and Finding the Exit

  • Providing merger and acquisition advice
  • Determining the appropriateness of and strategy for a liquidity event (IPO, RTO, most appropriate public market, sale to industry player, etc.) including investment banking involvement
  • Providing ongoing investor relations services and maximize analyst coverage

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